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New Moon
Drumming Circle

Lead by Lisa Layman 

Sunday March 10th 

Shamanic drumming is a wonderful way to get in touch with yourself, with Earth Mother and  all that life has to offer. 

The soothing rhythm of the drum can help synchronize your heartbeat, breath and inner energies.

It can lead you to a naturally meditative state of being. 

This creates the opportunity to release stress and develop a space for healing and joy. 

Drumming is in our history, ancient cultures embraced gathering circles for many traditions. It is powerful, cathartic and joyful.



Lisa Marie Layman

is a Reiki Master and Certified Aromatherapist

{from a Chinese Medical Perspective}

Lisa has a beautiful connection with drumming  and a deep reverence for the spirit of the circle.

She & her husband Chris Layman, own and operate

Fox Farm Apiary in Hannacroix, NY

They offer Honey and wellness products in local shops & markets.

Visit  / 

Like & follow @foxfarmapiary on Instagram & Facebook

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