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Image by Clem Onojeghuo

Join us for an evening
Pour and Pamper

Let's Create your event!

Essential Experience

 Essential Event offers-   

   -Serenity warm neck wrap

     -Neck massage

     -Hand massage

     -Epsom salt foot soak

Together we will also-

 -Create an event playlist 

Choose  your nibbles,

     Sweet or Savory

-Select your beverages

    ( BYOB of  spriits)

     Tea, Coffee provided


Fee per person $50.oo

(Max group of six guests)

Unique additions 

-Moisturizing Face Mask -$12/pp

-Dry Brushing Teaching

Session -$30/group

-45min Singing Bowl Mediation

Session -$25/pp

Get in touch to set up

Call Wendy

@ 518-225-0144

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